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5 Interesting facts about animals

We have prepared 5 information about animals that will surprise you. We were very surprised while searching this article I hope you like it. Let’s start.

  • 1) Mice can’t vomit:

Vomiting is a situation related to the contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm muscle. The vomiting of a living creature actually depends on its ability to control the diaphragm muscle. While most creatures can do this easily, mice do not have such a talent; that’s why mice can’t vomit.

  • 2) Very Scary:

The number of hard-working insects that live collectively and chose the subsoil as their habitat is estimated at approximately seven quadrillion. If the number of people living in the world is taken as seven million, there is one million ants per person. An awful number!

  • 3) Chipmunks:

Chipmunks find it very difficult to find the substance that feeds them and their favorite, acorn. When they find it, they don’t want to share it with others. They bury what they did not eat and then forget where they bury them. These acorns also grow to form oak trees.

  • 4) Penguins:

Penguins are the most jealous and romantic animals in the world. It is very difficult to find pebbles in the area where penguins live, and penguins have to build their nests with pebbles. Male penguins take the most beautiful pebble they find to the female penguin and propose marriage.

  • 5) Immortal Jellyfish:

The jellyfish named Turritopsis is said to be immortal. When he thinks he will die, he abolishes the entire nervous system and creates a new nervous system. Although there is no definitive research result, it is estimated that this creature cannot reproduce very easily.

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