Family brings home a blind cat. And he keeps surprise attacking everyone.
  • 08.12.2022
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Family adopts a blind cat. And he keeps surprise attacking everyone.

Cats Being Jerks! When The Cats Get Mad And Attack You | Beast Paws
  • 06.12.2022
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The cat closing the door on the dog got me ?, the cat said "get out and stay out you stupid dog" ?

Cat Tries To Get On The Bed Without Waking Other Cat Up
  • 05.12.2022
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Our cat Princess is trying to get on the bed without waking up our other cat Mommy.. She takes her each step as slow and careful as possible.. But meanwhile, on the other side of the portal, things are a bit different..

A Baby Kitten Wants to Help Humans When They Work
  • 04.12.2022
  • 5092

Haru is a wonderful ingenious kitten and he wants to help his Dad to clean his litter box. How cute he is ?????❤️???✨

Introducing a Rescued Kitten to the Big Cats for the First Time
  • 02.12.2022
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I love how Yuni is trying to show Haru dominance and that she's older but still respects that he's still a small kitten

What Happens When Our Kitten is Home Alone?
  • 24.11.2022
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my heart is breaking! our kitten is never alone, but when my niece had her birthday, i said wait hold up! who is going to watch our kitten! so i put in a camera and checked in and just missed her so much! we left while she was eating, and when i went to check the camera while we were at the buffet eating, she was asleep. i don’t know if she was crying but i do know that when people aren’t around my kitten calls out for us. thankfully she’s older now, and hasn’t cried out as much! i wish we could get her a sibling

Alistair the cat falls in the tub
  • 02.11.2022
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The lizard was just relaxing and the cat ruined it all just for curiosity.

A Baby Kitten Wants to Help Humans When They Work
  • 30.10.2022
  • 20201

Haru is a wonderful ingenious kitten and he wants to help his Dad to clean his litter box. How cute he is ?????❤️???✨

Cat Has no Fear While Messing with Deer
  • 27.10.2022
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Deer was about to make kitty test all those 9 lives in one vid....

Golden Retriever Meets a Cat For The First Time!
  • 26.10.2022
  • 957

Leo doesn't want to make catto to be freaked out. He is so gentle.

Baby monkey Susie protects the kitten from the dad cat
  • 25.10.2022
  • 854

The baby monkey Susie is very friendly with kittens. And when she saw the cat's dad, she decided to start protecting the kitten. But it is very interesting for a kitten to meet a big cat.

  • 24.10.2022
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The number one on this list was not supposed to be domesticated, and is generally too wild to be a family pet. Just like ocelots, they are best enjoyed in zoos, animal sanctuaries, preservations, and online. My cat is basically a miniature tiger, who talks to me fairly often, including when I am singing. Snuggling with me is his favorite past time. He just turned sixteen.

What Do Cats Do At Night?
  • 19.10.2022
  • 276

The best part of pulling an all nighter is getting to see what kind of a freak your cat turns into at night. If I leave the lights on all night my kitty is pretty normal, but if its dark she takes on weird personalities really late at night. She doesn't act like herself, her meow and purr are completely different, she has a different expression on her face, etc... There have been times where she'll slither into my lap and curl up in it in a way where she feels completely unlike herself, it feels like a wild animal randomly decided to make camp in my lap. I think parts of their primal nature are stirred in the dark.

Kitten Kiki greets a tiny chicks for the first time
  • 19.10.2022
  • 447

Little Kiki is getting to be so much more coordinated. Her whole little body wiggles and sways each time she makes a movement. She looks so fierce as she picks up her little paws to bat at the fluffy chicks, but I don't think she ever even touched one. Mimi never takes her eyes off of her. You can tell she is very delicate, but she's a very healthy and happy little furball thanks to all the love surrounding her.

How newborn kitten grew up from giving birth to first bath
  • 18.10.2022
  • 333

Newborn Kittens grow up so fast. Only the cat gave birth to kittens, as they have already grown up. Let's remember these touching moments together, and you write what you remember most from the life of Johnny's kitten

What Does a Kitten do When a Baby Dances Funny Video
  • 16.10.2022
  • 1069

If adorable Ziata ever has a little brother (or sister just as playful and strong....Sammy is great training Hahhah! her laughter when he tackled her to the ground...or maybe she'll be a European football star! Whatever is to come they sure are having Fun!

Baby Cats - Cute and Funny Baby Cat Videos Compilation
  • 15.10.2022
  • 337

Baby cats are amazing creature because they are the cutest and most funny. I challenge anyone watching this video to try not to laugh when you see the funny baby cats. This is the cutest and best video ever. It is funny and cute!

British Shorthair doing tricks
  • 11.10.2022
  • 912

Smart cat understands both Chinese and English