Golden Retriever Puppy Meets Mom Cat with Newborn Kittens for the First Time
  • 26.09.2022
  • 1785

I don't think that it is okay to stress out this mama cat simply to get a 'cute' video of a puppy meeting the kittens.

Cats Protecting & Taking Care Babies Videos Compilation 2019. Cat Loves Babies
  • 23.09.2022
  • 2410

Cats Protecting & Taking Care Babies Videos Compilation 2019 ? Cat Loves Babies

Cat Ferret play fighting
  • 20.09.2022
  • 2888

Ferrets always seem like they’re so uncoordinated, yet coordinated at the same time. It’s like they’ve all mastered the drunken master fighting style

Golden Retriever Reacts to Tiny Kittens in his Bed
  • 19.09.2022
  • 1913

I love how at the end the kittens don't seem scared, just mildly confused by Bailey's antics, like "why is the giant strange looking cat flopping around and disturbing our nap?"

Cats Being Jerks Supercut
  • 18.09.2022
  • 1630

Cats can be jerks sometimes. They like to knock things over, climb where they shouldn't and attack you. Here is a collection of some of the funniest cats being jerks. Enjoy!

Baby Girl And Her Kitten Brother Are Completely Inseparable
  • 15.09.2022
  • 2366

Look like litter mates actually with baby’s reddish hair! Too cute. This is a wonderful example of saving a stray cat and introducing the lesson of kindness and empathy to the child. Well done!

Kitten and Horse: Best of Friends
  • 12.09.2022
  • 2102

Didn't the horse try to bite the cat?

Tiny Stray Kitten Follows Guy Home And Never Leaves | The Dodo Soulmates
  • 12.09.2022
  • 323

Jo was out walking his dog when he found a tiny kitten who needed his help, and they've been inseparable ever since!

Baby Goat Grows Up Believing She's a Cat
  • 11.09.2022
  • 665

Tiny goat loves bunnies and cats as a baby, and still acts like a cat as an adult ❤️

Stray Kitten Picks A Dog As Her Mom | The Dodo Cat Crazy
  • 10.09.2022
  • 565

Toast: "This is my child. She is small but she is strong... she barks weird, but I think she's just bilingual."

Kittens meowing (too much cuteness) - All talking at the same time!
  • 09.09.2022
  • 869

7 kittens meowing and talking all at the same time! Too much cuteness! They are from 2 sibling mother cats and they live in my grandmother's yard. 3 of the kittens are 5 weeks old and 4 of them are 4 weeks old. (June 6, 2017)

Kitten sleeps sweetly with the Chicken
  • 08.09.2022
  • 829

The British Shorthair kitten sleeps sweetly with a tiny chicken. So cute

Tiny Kitten Runs Out Of Bushes To Her New Mom | The Dodo Little But Fierce
  • 07.09.2022
  • 367

“Call it fate, call it karma but I believe everything happens for a reason.” I found my little girl like that on a cold winter day. I saw the most tiny creature run under a car, I don’t usually stop as there are always house cats, or skunks or squirrels running about but something compelled me to stop my car and get out that day. As I approached the vehicle, a tiny malnourished kitten with eyes shut due to infection crawled and slowly approached me meowing. I extended my hands expecting it to back away like most feral/wild cats I encounter, instead it crawled into my hands and say there. As if to say, please I need help. I picked her up ran back into my car. I drove her to the 24 hour emergency vet. The vet told me it was a roll of the dice I can pay to clean her up and give her medics and the shots she needed but she was probably not going to survive. On top of that the bill would be 2400$… I’m not rich man, but something inside me said “your the only chance she’s got” and I gave the vet the ok. Fast forward, it’s been 4 years. She is the love of my life, my greatest friend and companion. I can’t imagine a life with my baby Ripley.

Mother cat looking out for kittens safety by the tigers
  • 06.09.2022
  • 585

This is only a small part of the tigers area ,the fence is there to keep the rest of about 40 rescued animals out of the tigers area.

Kitten Kiki can play forever with a nail sharpener
  • 05.09.2022
  • 895

Kiki can play with everything,?‍⬛?????‍⬛? I can't have enough to watch her, pure joy of life!!!!??❣?✨

Cat Obsessed With Baby Brother Thinks He’s Also A Baby
  • 04.09.2022
  • 1438

Cat obsessed with baby brother thinks he's also a baby — he even steals his Elmo and uses a baby rocker to watch TV ??

British kittens meet Big Silver cat first time | Baby cats 1 month after birth | Silver Chinchilla
  • 03.09.2022
  • 946

My heart has melted ! ?❤ What beautiful fluffy Angels, the kittens are acting so sweet and awkward! ? When there are things as beautiful and innocent in the ? as this how can anyone be sad ?

The mother cat came to claim the kittens as I held them.
  • 01.09.2022
  • 465

Hello everyone, cleaning the cat's house is my job, every time I clean I bring the kittens out to play, the mother cat after a while lets me play with the kittens and immediately comes to ask to bring them back.